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Forex trading is a real opportunity that offers its clients the opportunity to invest money in forex and cryptocurrency trading. We work with a team of experienced traders who actively trade in 28 currency pairs, simultaneously using 4 trading strategies reducing the risk of loss to almost zero.

In this way, we provide the total security of investors' funds. We are a strong team that has been performing well in the financial markets for several years. We have great experience and desire to make you enjoy the many opportunities of the market.

The successful trading of currency and cryptocurrency pairs creates the conditions for safe and profitable cooperation at the disposal of investors around the world. Discover success with Forex Trading


Tariff plans

Pack 1


   Per month for 3 months

   Min: $50 Max: $50000

   Min: 35,000 FCFA

   Max: 30,000,000 FCFA

   Total Profit:145%

   (Capital 100% profit 145%)

   Return of capital

   Contract duration: 3 months

Pack 2


   Per month for 3 months

   Min: $300 Max: $100,000

   Min: 660,000 FCFA

   Max: 70,000,000 FCFA

   Total Profit:151%

   (Capital 100% profit 151%)

   Return of capital

   Contract duration: 3 months

Pack 3


   Per month for 4 months

   Min: $1000 Max: $100,000

   Min: 1.300.000 FCFA

   Max: 70,000,000 FCFA

   Total Profit:172%

   (Capital 100% profit 172%)

   Return of capital

   Contract duration: 4 months

Pack 4


   Per month for 6 months

   Min: $2000

   Min: 1.300.000 FCFA

   Total Profit:120%

   (Capital 100% profit 120%)

   Return of capital

   Contract duration: 6 months


Affiliate program

We offer 5% Referral Commission in order to provide our investors with an opportunity of getting passive income.

The Main


Of our Referral Program

 One level of handsome referral rewards

  Everyone can become a partner

  Availability of ready-made advertising materials

  Reliability and stability of our service


Why Choose Us

See all we have to offer

Investor Makes a Deposit

Investor chooses an appropriate tariff plan and deposits a certain amount of money. All the deposits form an investment fund.

Trader Trades in Forex

A trader uses invested funds for trading. A trader work and profits using the data received while conducting the market research.

Total Transparency

our experts ensure you benefit from total transparency to make better decisions

Market Analysis

Financial analysts study the financial market, predict changes in currency rates and develop trading strategies.

Investors Get Income

Every investor gets an appropriate share of the income which depends on the amount of the deposit and a chosen tariff plan.

Technical Support

our customer service team is ready to overcome any issues that might occur.

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